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Update on the Van Dykes.

Posted by Jessica Singletary on June 18, 2008

I took this from April and Russell’s Carepage.  Please keep this family in your prayers. 

Well no one will be meeting Baby Seth this week. Unless he decides to come on his own. The amnio showed his lung maturity is not good right now. They said mature lungs should measure at 35,000 and his lungs are only at 11,000. (how they get these figures I have no idea.) Anyway, they also said that with CDH babies it can come back as showing they are not ready and they really could be but there is no way to really know. So now we wait. Again. We will be going to see the OB here at UNC on Thursday to follow up with him on things. Right now he is saying that we will wait til I’m 39 weeks-two more weeks!!!! That is unless he decides to come on his own, which if I go into labor they will take him.

I am disappointed about the results of the amnio. One because I had siked myself up to have him tomorrow, and two because I am miserable. I know the best thing for him right now is to stay put but I just hope I can make it 2 more weeks!! The dr did say that in the last weeks of pregnancy that the lung maturity can jump real fast so we will just have to wait and see. Plus we don’t know exactly how much the CDH is messing things up. On the ultrasound today he was taking some good practice breaths but apparently that doesn’t mean too much. He is still measuring a little over a week further. And he was weighing about 7lb 6oz. (we think-they didn’t actually say but we saw it on the monitor) Which would be about right with the way he has been going.

So we are just hanging out at the house now. I will have to tell you all about this house we are staying in next time. It is wonderful and so peaceful!!

Well unless anything changes I will probably do an update tomorrow or Wed. to let you know how we are doing.

Thank you for all your continued prayers-please keep them coming so his lungs will continue to grow and develop as best they can.

With Faith, Hope & Love,


One Response to “Update on the Van Dykes.”

  1. Kristyn said

    Prayers that Seth (and April!) can hold out for two more weeks–grow, lungs, grow! It sounds like they are really enjoying the house, how awesome!

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