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Need Pictures.

Posted by Jessica Singletary on June 15, 2008

****** UPDATE ******

Cristin brought up a great question about before and afters.  If your child is a survivor of CDH please send two pictures.  A NICU pic and a current pic. 

Thanks, Cristin!


We are wanting to put pictures of CDH babies through out the house and are asking each of you to send us either a 4×6 or a 5×7 picture of your choice of your child.  It will give the house so much meaning and will show other families just what this house is all about. 

When Ashley and I were given this opporunity we were blown away by Rob and JoAnna’s (homeowners) generosity and we wanted to do it not just for Parker but for every child who has been and will be born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia.  I want every person who walks in this house to feel what each of us feel every single day of our lives.  I want them to know all of our children. 

Please start digging out  the pictures and mail them to us at:

The Parker Reese Foundation

Post Office Box 2199

Elizabethtown, NC 28337

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Van Dykes Move In Today.

Posted by Jessica Singletary on June 15, 2008

So, Parker’s House will receive their first visitor today.  The Van Dykes from Kings Mountain, NC will be moving in this evening.  We are so excited to finally meet April and Russell. 

This place is just absolutely wonderful.   I wish each of you had an opportunity to come and stay here so you could see what I’m talking about.  The feeling is so peaceful. 

Well, back to work.  We have a few things that need to be done before they get here tonight.  We want it perfect for them as they are about to embark on journey that is full of surprises, some good and some bad.  Please keep this family in your prayers.


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Posted by Jessica Singletary on June 11, 2008

I wanted something different and I like this look.  The other one was dark.  Any comments?

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Launch Party.

Posted by Jessica Singletary on June 9, 2008

So, we decided today that we are going to have a launch party for Parker’s House.  I am not sure when it will happen just yet because we have our first family moving in on Sunday but I am going to get things in order so when a date becomes available I will be ready.   

The party will consist of family, friends and medical professionals.  We are excited about the guest list and have some good food and drinks with people who are going to help us make a difference in the CDH community. 

Once we have a date and more details I will definitely let y’all know.  If any of you have suggestions please let us know.  We love participation!  It will be at the home early evening and as for a month we just don’t know yet. 

Please continue to pray for the Van Dykes.  I spoke with April today and they are excited but nervous.  We all remember the time leading up to the birth of our children.  It meant so many different things for all of us.  These are very special people and they are so dear to our heart.   

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Keeping It Simple.

Posted by Jessica Singletary on June 8, 2008

We are 6 months into this not-for-profit thing and still loving every single minute of it.  I can tell you that it’s literally a full time job but it is absolutely the most rewarding job I have ever had. 

There are so many things that we have planned but are going to try and keep things simple the first year.  We are really excited about the foundation and getting it off the ground.  Our plan is to have our name in every hospital and doctors office in the United States by the year 2009.  It’s a huge goal but I believe that it’s something we can easily accomplish with a lot of hard work. 

I cannot wait for this foundation to really take off and our fundraisers to take place as I know that it will mean only wonderful things for CDH families.  We are going to change the face of CDH one family at a time. 

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is just the beginning and I promise each of you that we will make a name for ourselves and we will not stop until congenital diaphragmatic hernia is no longer.   If any of you are interested in helping please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.   This is a ride you don’t want to miss.


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Working On The Blog.

Posted by Jessica Singletary on June 4, 2008

I am working as fast and as much as I can to get this blog completed.  If you don’t see your name or child’s name to the right please be patient with me.  I am working on getting them all up there.  If you don’t see it by Sunday send me an email at and I will make sure I add it.

We have our first family moving in Parker’s House on June 15th.  They are expecting a son, Seth, on June 17th at UNC Chapel Hill.  Please keep the Van Dykes in your prayers!

Again if any of you know any links you think would be good for families of CDH email me.  Please also feel free to post the  blog link on your own blogs and pass it on.  The more people who know the better we can make this foundation. 

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