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Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails….

Posted by Jessica Singletary on December 11, 2008

That’s what little boys are made of.  And Parker’s House has tons of little boys! 

Seth was our first little boy and we miss him so much!  He will forever live in Parker’s House and in our hearts.  There are no words to describe what Seth means to us. 


Carter is our second little boy and he’s doing so well.  I suspect that Carter will be going home soon although it’ll be bittersweet for us to see him leave.  He is one of the cutest little boys I have ever laid eyes on and I know he’ll be a heart breaker when he gets older.  Just check out how seriously cute this little boy is! 


Our third little boy is Bodee.  He was born with LCDHand was not diagnosed until birth.  He was care flighted to Duke from Jacksonville, NC marine base and is doing awesome!  He had his repair at 3 days old and has been breezing through CDH.  His parents, Mark and Kristin, are the nicest people and his little sister, Dakota is adorable!  He too is absolutely adorable and we look forward to meeting him as I know he’ll be packing his little bags and leaving Duke to go back to his home in Jacksonville. 


Our 4th boy will come in late January.  His name is Davis.   Mom and Dad are Carolyn and Mike.  They are a very special couple and we cannot wait to meet them although we wish it were under different circumstances. 


We have been so blessed by the families that live in Parker’s House.  They each have taught us something different and we are forever grateful to each of them for helping us heal our own CDH journey.   I figure soon enough we’ll have our first girl but until then we’ll just enjoy our little boys! 

Please keep these families in your prayers.

3 Responses to “Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails….”

  1. SCMOM said

    I am continuously amazed at the strength you find amidst your grief. Jess, you must know how proud the Lord is in your response to your life’s circumstances. Some would crumble but instead you have chosen to rebuild. Very admirable and you’re doing great- keep it up! I don’t mean to imply that you don’t have bad days, but in spite of those bad days, you continue to bring hope to others who feel hopeless.

    Way to go!!

  2. risingangel said

    Awww…thanks for posting this, Jes – it’s nice to see these little guys!

  3. Carolyn said

    Look at all those sweet boys! Bodee and Carter could almost be brothers they look so much alike.

    We cannot wait to meet you, too. You have made such a huge difference for us already. I can’t even tell you how much of a burden you’ve lifted from our shoulders. Merry Christmas 🙂

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