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CDH Awareness Petition and CHERUBS

Posted by Jessica Singletary on January 17, 2009


I went on the petition Saturday to post a comment and somehow my comment disappeared but my name didn’t.  We have never supported the trademark and for those of you have questions please leave an email address so that I can respond to you appropriately. 

To JenniferWe do not work with Elizabeth and Breath of Hope.  Whoever gave you that information is completely mislead.   I do speak to Elizabeth because I want to.  I don’t have to agree 100% with someone to speak to them.  I am sure you have friends or acquaintances that you speak to that you don’t agree with 100%.   I do not like Dawn Torrence because she lies.  She wants people to think she’s a martyr and a victim and she’s not.  She’s a liar.  I have never bad mouthed her or CHERUBS for fighting the trademark.  Get your facts straight.  We did support the petition when she approached us in August.  We asked her to please put our name on the petition and she REFUSED.  When I asked her why she said we missed a deadline so we decided to just separate ourselves from it altogether.   And now she wants to say we support the trademark and she knows that is a lie.  We don’t have to work with CHERUBS to show our support to CDH families.  We do that everyday without them or Breath of Hope.  After talking with many families that we support we decided to stay out of the mess because there are many of them that are sick of the whole situation.  They have each told us that both groups are putting a bad taste in their mouths.  We have done what our families have asked of us.  We will spread awareness until we turn blue in the face with or without a petition or trademark.   You are completely entitled to your opinion and I respect it but please get the facts straight and not from Dawn Torrence who has a habit of twisting them to suit her mood.  I can assure you that many CDH families have NOT signed that petition because they don’t want to get mixed in the cross fire and we stand with and for them.  We offer hope and support to families on a daily basis and that will never stop.  We will not be defeated or beaten down by anything anyone says to or about us.   We are going to continue what we do and that’s support CDH families in any way they need us.  And I’m too busy supporting CDH families to play games, Jennifer. 

And by the way why is the PRF the only organization being blasted when there are other CDH organizations that I know refuse to be a part of this????  Something to think about.  It seems to me that it’s more personal than anything.  This isn’t a competition to us and it never has been.  We are humbled by the opportunity that God has given us and I pray that soon a resolution is found so that CDH families can go back to some sort of normalcy.  They deserve that. 


It was brought to my attention today that the President and Founder of CHERUBS listed my name personally and our organization on her petition against the CDH awareness trademark filed by Breath of Hope, Inc. 

It is very important that all CDH families know that The Parker Reese Foundation DOES NOT support the trademark.  We were approached by Mrs. Torrence in August 2008 and we immediately approached our board to vote.  Once the votes were in we approached Mrs. Torrence on 3 different occasions requesting she add our name to the petition and she refused.  She said we missed the deadline that we were never given to begin with but yet she is constantly adding things to the petition daily.  And now says we support the  trademark when she knows differently.

When she refused our support we approached the President of Breath of Hope, Inc. ourselves to try and find a resolution to the problem.  When that didn’t work we decided that we would just continue to support families like we have been doing the last year and that we would not let this distract us from serving out our mission. 

If any of you have questions or would like to see copies of our emails to Mrs. Torrence and CHERUBS we will gladly email those to you.  Please email me privately at . 

We have emailed Mrs. Torrence asking her to please remove our name in support of the trademark from the petition today.   I am deeply sorry that each of you have been drug into this mess of a situation but please know that we are here to support CDH families. 


Jessica Singletary


6 Responses to “CDH Awareness Petition and CHERUBS”

  1. We apologize too that any other organizations or individuals have been involved in something that truly should not be as it has been dramatized by one individual.

    Jessica did approach me and our Board did vote and have been fully informed of the misinformation that has been published out there. We fully support the PRF and the great service they do to support CDH Families. Breath of Hope has been and still is supporting families also. Each organization has their unique ways of supporting families and there are so many more common goals that we share.

    I truly hope that this individual stops involving those that want no involement.

  2. SCMOM said

    I am a little confused as to what exactly the problem is but I do hope you are able to resolve it soon. Jes, you and the PRF offer so many families the hope, help, and support they need, and I am glad to “know” you.

  3. Jennifer said

    I don’t understand, Jessica. If you are against the trademark why haven’t we heard about this from you before now? I looked on the petition site and your didn’t sign until Saturday but this has been going on for months. Why is the PRF working with BOH if they are trying to stop parents from raising awareness? I’m sorry but I don’t get it. It seems to most of us that you are playing games. Supporting us would mean fighting this trademark from the start, not badmouthing CHERUBS for fighting it. I have seen several posts on your blogs badmouthing them. Now you are friends with Elizabeth and working with the woman that trademarked CDH? It makes no sense to any of us how you can say you are against the trademark and supporting CDH families. It’s very confusing.

  4. risingangel said

    When was it that people lost the goal in this whole thing?

  5. Jes-
    First off I am sorry that you are in the middle of all of this. I have not been keeping up on the blogs much at all and was never compelled to join either BOH or Cherubs, they just wernt for me. as far as the trademark thing goes, if it passes, I would love to see the individuals who think this is what they should be spending their time and energy on meet me at Elli’s headstone. On it is an engraved ribbon with CDH under it. So since I stop nearly everyday they can meet me there with a grinder to grind it off, until that day, stop worrying about it. This is the most petty thing I have ever heard of. I am so royally pissed now that I could spit. Babies are dying everyday and a cure is not being found, and the only thing these “support” organizations are thinking of is a fricking trademark symbol and fighting over he said, she said. I didnt think there was another reason to hate CDH, but thanks to all those talking smack to eachother, I have found yet another reason.
    See you at the Treynor Cemetary if you dare.
    cassi reed

  6. Jessica Singletary said

    Vonda, Jennifer and Proud CDH Mom –

    Please stop posting comments because I know that you are one person and we have tracked your IP address and know exactly who you are.

    Thank you,
    Jessica Singletary

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