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4th Family Moved In

Posted by Jessica Singletary on January 20, 2009

Our 4th family has moved into Parker’s House.  They got settled in Sunday night after a 5 hour drive from Brevard, NC.  They are both amazing and we are so humbled that we are able to help them during this difficult journey.  They are scheduled to be induced on February 2nd so please keep them in your prayers.

This foundation and the people behind it continue to amaze me daily.  In less than 8 months we have been able to give temporary homes to 4 families who needed it and I know that this is just the beginning of what the foundation has to offer families diagnosed with CDH.  It might not seem like much but if you could see the expressions on the faces of these families and the emails we get daily from them and the relationships that have been formed it truly is priceless. 

We have added a new event to our fundraising list for next year and cannot wait to share all of our events with y’all as the details become available.  We are all excited about spreading awareness and offering support.

9 Responses to “4th Family Moved In”

  1. Vierigs said

    I have tried tons of times to explain to people what Parkers House meant to us but words truly can’t express how amazing it was to have such a place to call home. You guys are awesome and we want everyone to know how supportive and loving you were and continue to be. God Bless you guys and we are so grateful for the friendships we have made through the foundation.

  2. risingangel said

    Jes – you continue to astound me!

    From Canada it all seems so flawless, but I know how hard you work to ensure families feel safe, loved and supported during this crucial time.

    You’re an Angel!

  3. Agreed! Mrs. Jes and Mr. Ashley will always be angels to me and my mom and dad!

  4. Pam Vierig said

    You don’t know me, nor have we ever spoken to each other. But I have felt your love and have seen your generosity. I am Boddee Vierig’s grandma. We live in New Mexico, but got to spend a week in NC with our son Mark, daughter Kristen and grandaughter Dakota. We spent our nights in a hotel, but our days at your “farm” (as Dakota calls it) when we weren’t at the hospital holding our miracle baby. We knew that Bodee was in Gods hands, and was being well cared for, but we were concerned about the effects all the stress would have on Dakota. She didn’t miss a beat! I know that she did so well mostly because Mark and Kristen are amazing parents, but thanks to you, she had a room of her own, which she loved, and felt safe in, and a beautiful countryside to play in. It was wonderful to play in the leaves with her, it relieved our stress, and kept us from the overwhelming sadness of the stuggles our beautiful grandson was going through. Having her puppy Kai with her (she’s never been away from her for any length of time)was a blessing too! You truly thought of everything!!! Meeting Kellie and Brad also added to the comfort of your farmhouse. They are truly amazing people, their strength, their faith and positive attitude was a great comfort to me, as well as to Mark and Kristen. Carter is one lucky little boy!

    Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
    Pam Vierig

  5. Russell Van Dyke said

    God Bless This House

  6. Carter Myers Grandma said

    I also thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!I wish I had the time and stamina to make such a difference in the lives of these precious little ones. You are truly an example to us all.I am saddened that you are still having to use your time,energy,finances and “soul” in this battle for this heartbreaking anomily in these beautiful babies,we all pray that a cure can be found,and no other families will have to suffer.

    Personally, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for making this horrendous journey easier for MY children. I can not imagine the added stress that kellie and brad would have had to have endured,if not for you and your generosity.Kellie is my “baby”and brad is the son we needed,and never had.So this whole terrifying journey has been fear for them as well as
    our blessing from God,Carter.

    I am in awe of your ability ,strength, and heartfelt concern for others.To be able to work thru such incredible pain,and offer strength to others is truly a gift from God.I am so very glad my children have had the extraordinary pleasure of knowing you.

    I wish you peace in all things
    Barbara Zagorski

    P.S. for a note of humor,if I ever win the lottery, you get half!

  7. risingangel said

    LOL – Carter’s Grandma – now watch her win the lottery! How cool would THAT be??

  8. Carolyn said

    Thanks Jes ;), and thank goodness for Parker’s house. This house is more than a house…. it’s a weight lifted, but more than that, it gives us peace and time to focus just on our family. You are absolutely my personal hero and we give thanks for you, Ashley & Parker every day.

    See you next Saturday!

  9. Kellie Myers said

    Jes, Ashley, and Parker:
    Thank you for such a wonderful gift. Just think of the number of people you have helped in the short existence of Parker’s House. I can’t wait to see the things you will do in the next few years and look forward to Parker’s House Reunions! 🙂
    We love you guys!

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