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July is The Parker Reese Foundation Month at Purple Lemon Designs!

Posted by Jessica Singletary on July 7, 2009


I found Kelly a while ago via the Nester’s blog and since then have formed one of the greatest and funnest (is that a word) relationships with her! She does all the graphic work for The Parker Reese Foundation and when I tell you this girl rocks it’s really an understatement. Kelly isn’t the typical graphics designer. She truly goes above and beyond for us when we need her and seriously can read my mind! There’s nothing this girl can’t do and we are so blessed and grateful that she was brought into our lives.

Kelly has taken the time and schooled herself on CDH and our foundation. It’s what makes her stand out from all the rest! She sent me an email last month and said she wanted to designate July for The Parker Reese Foundation. She is helping us bring awareness to a birth defect that has stolen so many of our children whether survivors or not. So hop on over to Purple Lemon Designs and buy yourself something really cool and personal and Kelly will donate 10% of the profits to us! How awesome is that???

We love you, Kelly, from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for what you do for us and for so many families whose lives are forever changed by three little letters… CDH. You so rock girl and we cannot wait until the day we get to meet you face to face!

One Response to “July is The Parker Reese Foundation Month at Purple Lemon Designs!”

  1. Parker Reese month went so great in the PLD store! I am so thankful for all you guys do for these sweet angels through the Parker Reese Foundation. Thanks for this sweet blog post!

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